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Get the Best Mobility & Medical Equipment Available In The Shortest Turnaround Time.

Best Choice Mobility & Medical Equipment, Inc. offers cutting-edge medical technology that will have you seeing results even after years of stagnation. We cater to a wide range of needs by offering a diverse selection of state-of-the-art customized wheelchair  equipment. These products are meant to help patients live more fulfilling lives. We also provide support through easy-to-follow guidelines and directions that reduce common application errors, which in turn, significantly increases insurance approval rates.

Our Products

We offer customized wheelchair products from multiple manufacturers. Please contact our office to schedule an appointment to review the wide variety of products available to suit your unique needs.  


ATP (Assistive Technology Professionals)

  • Best Choice Medical Equipment employs the most qualified RESNA-certified Assistive Technology Professionals (ATP) . Our highly-trained professionals, along with the supporting documentation from your ordering physician, will help determine the proper product and correct fitting specialized for each individual patient. Each patient is assigned a Rehab Coordinator, who will help manage the insurance process, gather the necessary documentation, and will even step up and advocate for our patients if the situation calls for action.

Seating and Mobility Assessments

  • A detailed physical and functional evaluation is performed by the clinical team (physician, therapists) along with the individual and his/her caregiver(s), to determine seating and mobility limitations and needs. As part of the team approach, the ATP may be present and provide input during this evaluation. A technology assessment is performed by the ATP to match the individual's needs to available technology. Short-term and long-term goals are considered throughout the process. Specific measurements are taken and various equipment options are evaluated.

Purchasing and Assembly

  • The customized nature of the equipment may require ordering components from one to ten different manufacturers. Upon receipt, the equipment is assembled and adjusted according to manufacturer specifications. It is then inspected and scheduled for delivery.

Equipment Trials and Simulations

  • As a part of the seating and mobility assessment, demonstration equipment may be provided for trial use and to simulate options under consideration. Sophisticated evaluation equipment, such as seating system simulators and pressure mapping is used to evaluate and assess the individual's needs before determining appropriate recommendations.

Equipment Repair and Maintenance

  • Post-delivery, equipment is maintained and repaired by trained technicians according to manufacturers' guidelines. Items are serviced at our facility or on-site at the customer's home or living facility. Short and long-term follow-up is conducted to ensure that goals have been met and that the products are appropriate, safe and effective.

Reimbursement Assistance

  • All funding options are explored. Related documentation requirements, coverage criteria and dollar coverage are investigated. When appropriate, prior approvals are obtained. Billing is submitted on the individual's behalf.

Delivery, Fitting, and Training

  • Equipment is delivered directly to the client at the home or facility. The equipment is fitted to the individual to maximize function, comfort and safety, with adjustments made to meet their unique needs. Training and instruction are provided on the proper use and maintenance of the equipment.